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Alis Studio

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55 Trung Nu Vuong

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0982198391, 09 8301 0830




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ALIS Studio understand that each child is a great work of parents. The charisma, personality, habits, each child is unique. We create the most comfortable space for baby freely express their emotions, personality and your style.
would you feel it's great to look back at the photos of the baby naturally, when she was still a habit thumb, wrinkled nose, stunning sets, crawling, learning to walk ... What most naturally will never out of fashion, and ALIS wish to record the moments of the baby, no editing, no collage.

Each child's photo is a work of art of ALIS. Creativity has always been the stylist and photographer special attention in the context of staging and capturing ideas. Interests of the child, parents' stories, items associated with childhood ... will be cleverly integrated into each image.
tales, the heart is, your dreams and your baby, combining with the ALIS cute props will make every picture is a unique work.

The vibrations and feelings of ALIS poetry for children, is reflected in each frame. We love and cherish every moment of your baby's grown, cherished moments of your family.
Understanding Childhood psychological, emotional cherished family, passion for photography ... All things that help us tap the camera by heart.

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