Fisher’s SuperKids English Center

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Fisher’s SuperKids English Center

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Fisher’s SuperKids English Center

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99 Nguyễn Văn Linh

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he environment at Fisher's SuperKids is set up for the highest quality of learning. The design of the classrooms, the decoration, equipment, textbooks, teachers, teaching philosophy, and extracurricular activities all fit together well to keep students' interest high and reduce stress from a heavy workload at school. Fisher's SuperKids not only focuses on building a strong English foundation for the students now, but also takes great interest in their well-being. We want students to feel loved and valuable at a young age and come to value learning English--including certain values and ways of communicating with English--as a great application for future endeavors when older.

In addition, Fisher's SuperKids desires to see happiness for the whole family. We understand that our students' confidence and view of life is first built upon his/her experiences at home with parents first, then siblings and the extended family. With this in mind, Fisher's SuperKids creates outings, special programs and school gatherings where family is included.

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