Green Shoots International School

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Green Shoots International School

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Green Shoots International School

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4, Tran Quoc Toan, Cam Chau District

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0510 392 4854


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We are Hoi An’s only registered international kindergarten. Fully qualified foreign teachers. Daily shuttle bus from Danang.

Our methods of teaching and learning are based on the following principles:

-->Each child will be encouraged to meet his or her greatest potential
-->Personal responsibility and integrity
-->Intercultural understanding
-->Celebration of difference
-->Mutual respect
-->Compassion and service within the community
-->Respect for the environment
-->Leading others by example

Reviews For This Spot

There is no equal in Danang or Hoi an!

My son has been going to Green Shoots since its inception & I have been watching him thrive & the school itself going from strength to strength, over the past few years. The curriculum is amazing, well planned & delivered with the international teachers exceeding at all levels.

It has a great campus, plenty of room for the children to play & all the children have plenty of social interaction and contact with each other. They even offer after school activities and sports catering for both the sporty & creative children. I have tried home schooling & also had my other children in an elite private school back home and truly there is no comparison.

As you can see, I have no hesitation in recommending this to any parents who seriously want a quality education for their children. There is a school bus coming from Da nang daily, So I urge parents to check out the website & go see the different campuses for yourselves. !

You wont be disappointed.


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