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Sao Viet Screenprinters

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Sao Viet Screenprinters

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Thon Viem Trung Village

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+84 935 277 712



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Sao Viet ScreenPrinters print for companies in Australia such as Fred Bare, and Hanes in Vietnam.
We also print and manufacture for companies in Vietnam such as Hoi An Motorcycle Adventure
Tours, Hanoi BackPackers Hostel and the amazing Fusion Maia Resort, amongst others. Sao
Viet ScreenPrinters is also the owner, designer, inspiration and manufacturer of Hot Chili, a
Vietnamese registered clothing label.

We have screen printing, fabric supply and manufacturing services available. If your not sure if
your needs are too small or too big for us go to our quotations page and we will reply with a quote
or an apology that we cannot accommodate your request, but we might know someone who can!

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