What is the cost of living in Da Nang?

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What is the cost of living in Da Nang?

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Please can you please let us know the cost of living in Da nang and Hoi An? Thanks

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Cost of living in Da Nang/ Hoi An

Hello...The cost of living in Da nang/ Hoi An Varies. But living in both cities is one of the cheapest in Viet Nam. A friend of mine once told me that you can live in Hoi An with just $550.. I couldn't believe it until he breaks it down for me..Now I will do same and you can see for yourself..

Food : A coffee at a local shop is probably a cent. The coffee at local shop are just as good as the one you will buy around the well packaged shops and restaurants too.. but buying in the big shops around town will be around $3. You can get a very decent meal for $10. And that is a lot of food. Also if you go uptown around the Japanese bridge, you can get a good meal with seafood for $3-$7. So it all depends on what you like to eat.

Eating Vietnamese food will cost less, you could get a good Vietnamese dish for a few cents or 1 dollar, but when you miss home, you have to pay more to have the home food. Also you can cook, head over to the mart, and you could spend $40 and have a load of food stuff at your disposal...

This is the same in Da Nang, you can eat for less or more in Da Nang. If you look out for the Vietnamese food places, you will eat a lot less in the street of Da Nang. Also the restaurants too have foods and at $10 or more.

Home : The rooms/houses in Da nang really depends, though difficult to get a good place at $150 like you see in Hanoi/HCMC. To stay in a good place to start with, you should be aiming for 200 or more. Getting a place lesser to this place might means staying in a house occupied by the owners and you might share the same entrance. But for such place, you might be paying a lot less.

You can be lucky to pay $150/$170 in both Da nang/ Hoi An if you get a big house and you get house mates who are ready to split the bills. Yeah..

Health : Well,i will believe nobody should play with their health, so i will prefer you pay what is worth to stay alive. A lot of expats always recommend this hospital (Hoan My Hospital,(http://dananghoianexpats.com/content/hoan-my-danang-hospital). I am sure they are cost effective too. So try them out. Doctor consultation in most hospitals in $50 depending on where you visit. Visit our health information link to get other hospitals around.

Also make sure you have your insurance card with you.

Entertainment: Want to hang out? well, just relax until it is 7pm, a lot of beer shop uptown across the bridge(i dont remember street) often sell beer as low as 50 cents, so you can also get food there too for cheap prices. The beer is sold cheap at this time as their own promo period "Happy hours". So beer are usually cheap, but if you keep drinking wine or liquor..You pay more and if you don't have your wallet, well, you might need to sweep the floor and wash the dishes for few days...

Also if you go to the high end bar, some will sell beer for 20,000VND $1 or 25,000VND($1.few cents)... Unlike HCMC/Hanoi, am yet to hear of beer or food poisoning in Da nang/Hoi An....Cheap beer like that in Hanoi.HCMC might send you to the hospital the next day...

Shout out to Da nang and Hoi An entertainers...They good people...

Transportation : In Da nang, you definitely need a motorbike to go around, don't be cheap about that... You can purchase a motorbike for $150 or more, visit the classified section of our website or other Vietnam websites. You can get gas about $2 and use it for a week, if you move around the city.

Hoi An on the other hand is a small place and you can use bicycles to go around. You can get a used bicycle or rent one in Hoi An to pay monthly. Unless you live far away from town, Bicycle is cool in Hoi An.

You can also rent motorbike/Bicycle in both Hoi An or Da Nang. MOtorbike rent will cost $40-$50. I will check bicycle rent, not sure at the time of writing.

You can also come to Da nang by the public bus. The bus comes from Hoi An to Da nang and vice versa. The cost of the bus is $1. If you are with big bags, the bus conductor might ask for 5,000VND or 10,000VND. I have seen a lot of tourists argue or fight about this, i feel it is silly, i am happy to allow them cheat me of this fair amount. If you smile, they will be happy to take you back again... A driver once returned mine as i turned to a clown on the bus from Da nang to Hoi An..He laughed so much, he was going to pay me 10,000VND....so they nice people, if you want to be hard, they will be hard on you too...

Note that you can also use a taxi if you are in a hurry, a taxi will cost you at least $10 or a little bit more depending on your destination.

You can choose to live how you want it, heck, an apartment even cost more than a thousand/month.. So it is a thing of choice. This is just a simple guide to simple living

Other opinions are welcome.....

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