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Dos and Don’ts and a Few Words of Caution During Tet

This is my first time spending Tet in Hoi An.. What should we do or not to do? Is it advisable to celebrate Tet in Hoi An. Thanks for your time

How Should You Behave At The Buddha Temple?

Hello DHE, Today i was praying with my mum at the Buddha's temple in Da nang and saw some tourist who had also visited, while praying, some of these tourists kept talking loudly and disturbing other people meditation.

How to Say No politely to the street motorbikers (Xe om)

Hello DHE, Sometimes when i go around Da nang or sometimes in Hoi An, the motorbike people won't stop telling me to come over. I don't want to be rude, how do i tell them No politely or what is the best way to say No in Vietnamese?