Dingo Deli Home Schooling

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Dingo Deli Home Schooling

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Tên doanh nghiệp

Dingo Deli Home Schooling

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229 Cua Dai Road

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0913 321 174

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For families who are looking at staying in Hoi An for a while, you might want to consider joining our homeschooling kids.
We have a classroom of middle primary to high school aged children with an Australian teacher and we use NSW Australian Curriculum.
There is also a Kids Club of 2 years to 6 year olds who share a big room with a kindegarden teacher and assistants. They are starting a lower primary school.
Holidaying families can also pay a daily rate for their children to join in with the Kids Club for a few days while in Hoi An.

To find out more call Peter on 0913 321 174

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