Megastar Cineplex

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Megastar Cineplex

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Tên doanh nghiệp

Megastar Cineplex

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255-257 Hung Vuong, Danang, Level 4, Vinh Trung Plaza

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(0511) 3 666 222

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Quận/ Huyện


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Movie theaters/Cinemas

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MegaStar is committed to bringing our dedicated customers the finest in world-class entertainment. We have upgraded selected screens at Hung Vuong Plaza and VinCom Towers with the latest in 2D Digital technology. These premium projectors deliver the superior sound and visuals that you have come to expect from the MegaStar experience

MegaStar 2D Digital Benefits

1. Premium film presentation
2. Bright, stunning high-definition images
3. Superior surround sound

MegaStar again delivers the Vietnam’s best customer experience by bringing you the latest in cinema technology. At 11 screens nationwide, MegaStar continues to lead in delivering superior sound and visual effects for Vietnam. With the introduction of 3D at all MegaStar cinemas you will never feel the same way about watching a movie. Movies will be much more: more stunning, more realistic, and more enjoyable!

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