Hoi An Cycling

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Hoi An Cycling

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Tên doanh nghiệp

Hoi An Cycling

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49 Nguyen Thai Hoc street,

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Cycling tours
- Our bike should be the most professional bikes using for local travels in Hoi An. All bikes are geared, equipped with helmets and water bottles. It is very convenient and comfortable to cycle around Hoi An.

- Our cycling experts all well trained and have been on cycle for years, great English speaking skills and know the destination very well

- Our cycling routes are well designed to cycle through village to village on the less traveled road to maximize traveler’s experiences and safety.
Our culture tours
- Activities are all about history, culture. we aim to maximize your understand about the local life, not just see but join in for deep insight point of view. We tend to provide more opportunities to having chat, lunch, and dinner with local family.

- Our travel experts have been working many years and well contacted to local people around. They all are Vietnamese to show you the most truly local life but in the philosophy of responsible travel.
Packaged vacations

The philosophy of Sustainable Travel is always maintained throughout our itinerary and your vacation
The itineraries are well designed to match your wants, but you can use them as a template and give you some ideas about travel in Vietnam. Please give us your need and let us work with you to make a better and more suitable itinerary for your travel.

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